Paris Hill Country Club

455 Paris Hill Road Paris, ME 04271



Paris Hill has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1973.  This community is “situated on a rise apart from the surrounding countryside; it is richly endowed in location, architecture and history"  (Dibner, Portrait of Paris Hill).  While the years have made modern changes in some places, the basic magic of a bygone era still exists, and the Paris HIll Country Club serves as the gateway to this unique village.    

 We invite you to take a walk and see for yourself.  Active Paris Hill volunteers continue to care for old public buildings, preserve our unique history, and welcome new residents.  Our Country Club, (once exclusive to village residents) has been open to the public for decades.  Check out the Hamlin Museum and Library, pause for moment at the Baptist Church, and take a stroll past historic homes and gardens. 

 Enjoy this always changing gallery of Paris Hill. 

455 Paris Hill Road, Paris, ME 04271


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